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Print to Mailbox

With the new printers added to NWESD, the print configuration script will no longer work. Here are the steps to change the printer to store your document in the mailbox instead of directly printing.


At the bottom of the page there is larger pictures available.

Store Print Jobs

DevicesPrinters.png First click the windows start button. Then select "Devices and Printers.
Printer2.png Find the printer you would like to print to and right click it. Select "Printing Preferences".

On the Basic Settings tab, select output method and select store.

A dialog box should pop up asking if you want go to the store destination dialog box. Select "YES"

Printer4.png The Store details window will now pop up. Click the "Enter Name" bubble and input your username.

Next, you will want to select your department you work in. This will be the mailbox that the print will store to.


Some printers may require you to hit "Get Box Information".

After selecting this, it will pull mail box names.

Remember User Code ("Department ID")

If you would like to not have to type your Dep't ID each time to print you can have the computer remember it.


Printer6.png Like before, hit start and then devices and printers. 
Once there right click the printer you print to and this time select "Printer Properties"
Printer7.png Select the "Device Settings" tab and select Settings.

In the department ID box, input your PIN used to print.

Additionally you can deselect "Confirm Department ID" and the computer will not bring up the PIN dialog box.

After you are done. Hit OK.

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